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What to Do About This Scary Stock Market

What to Do About This Scary Stock Market

When I want to start working more (meaning 30 hrs per week, which you’re entitled to until your kid reaches a certain age), I’ll be able to save % of my income. I’m basically trying to optimize my savings and time spent with the kid. Result is that on the initial investment from 2000 on my 18th birthday now 16 years later I have not even a total growth of 20%.

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Draw on your savings will cover your budget in retirement. If you’re heading into retirement, try living in your retirement budget NOW. 1) I’m not a US or British citizen so some restrictions apply as to what kind of packages I’m allowed to invest in. The aforementioned high rate is the vanguard S&P 500 equivalent available to non US/Britons. I’d agree with Matt that leveraged positions are a bit too risky for my blood, personally.

In addition, earnings continue to fall and financial engineering via non-GAAP pro forma earnings is back in vogue….. Another situation is I am a 50 year old with a medium size chunk of cash, that has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, due to fear and stupidity. Plunking the whole thing into the market right now would be moronic, is bitstamp legit because the risks are just too high right now to make that kind of choice. And let’s face it, I would be more likely to sell out low due to watching the value of my portfolio wither away year after year if things go poorly, especially with my age. I’ve been very happy that I made the change which simplified things dramatically.

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That means you are likely to be buying more, a lot more, or the most overpriced companies, and less of the underpriced companies. You are letting the opinions of millions of foolish and greedy idiots determine what’s in your portfolio, rather than deciding for The Essential Skills Every Data Analyst Needs 2022 Guide yourself. While WB is one of the greatest investors of all time, his musings can be quite contradictory at times – “Its crazy to time the market”, yet “You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy”, etc.

And its current dividend yield is 2.94% – much higher because European/World stocks are currently cheaper than US ones. This fund is showing a total annual dividend of 2.04% at the time I type this. I bought Mapfre only in August, and unfortunately only 0.5% in the blog portfolio. I made the investment considering the amasing multiples (p/b, p/e) but the margins are not a great indicator.

That may or may not be right, but either way the situation is very different for a young person still accumulating, or a young retired person who has the freedom to be flexible.. They can be much more aggressive and have less to worry about. I do agree with a some of your principles and follow them myself, but it’s just not a reality for everyone and we must be willing to accept that of others.

Stocks by historical comparisons are at very high valuations. This does not mean that they can’t go higher and remain there for a long time, but chances are we are due for a more corrections. If those corrections are anything like the dotcom bubble bursting or a repeat of 2008 (or worse!) you will have a lot of stashes wiped out in a hurry. BTW, I’m a big fan of the blog and don’t mean to be argumentative. I simply think this is context your readers should consider. Or its possible that the international market is way undervalued relative to the US.

  • I’m 36 so I think I’m ok to work for a few years.
  • I am hoping that the next market route comes soon.
  • The aforementioned high rate is the vanguard S&P 500 equivalent available to non US/Britons.
  • Regarding Germany I’d really like to find a boring, hard-working mid cap still with a strong family presence but many of these are private companies, unlike in UK/US.

Forward PE is dangerous as it implies one actually puts faith in Wall Street predictions. Based on trailing PE the market is over 20, which would give famous investors like Ben graham some concerns.. But there are a few people like this, and they really do make tons of money.

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However if you can learn to overcome emotions and buy stocks when the market is going down then you should be able to realize even better results over time. No one has any idea what any fund is really worth. Companies come out of nowhere to bebhge and others crap out. My xcritical app review stock investments are made with the Rule #1 philosophy and I’ve done quite well so I think a mix of my own investing with a touch of badassity mixed in will allow me to sleep in late with comfort. I generally agree with you, but I think you’re wrong in quoting WB here.

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I’m looking to deploy a small amount of UK cash to take advantage of the exchange rate and buy somthing in euroland. Was looking more at Germany – especially at Siemens – and really enjoyed your piece on the Dax and returns since 1992. In general, I do not recommend any shares as I do not provide investment advice. Please consider what I write as my personal diary.

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Justin, you’re absolutely correct that you should not buy stocks when the market is overpriced. The only problem with this logic is that none of us know when that is. If you own shares in either of these funds, actual Dividend Eggs show up in your account every 3 months. You can use them to buy more shares, or to buy edible eggs or other groceries.

admiral markets abgeltungssteuer

Say you own a tobacco company like Altria that has a steady business and pays a fat dividend. Am I to suppose that because the subprime mortgage market has collapsed, everyone is going to give up smoking? Yes, the stock is priced for the end of the world, but I’m still getting a 10% dividend and the business still seems to be chugging along.

At least he has been good at saving and passed that mentality down to me. I just wonder how much more he would have socked away if he hadn’t been paying +2% on his investments for so long. The price you pay determines your rate of return. Simplified version, you buy a stock for $10. Now consider the same stock but you paid $100 for it in a bull market. It goes up the same $10 and your rate of return is ‘only’ 10%.

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While you can have your own opinion, you can’t have your own facts. This is in addition to these same workers being much more productive and working more hours. While I agree with your overall conclusion on the wisdom of holding some assets out of the market this far into a bull run, your point #4 is very much not correct. Inflation adjusted income in the US is nearly 75% higher than it was in the 60’s.

I leave out the option of selling the house because that may not be a net positive transaction in bad economic times – or even an option for some people. While I agree it is difficult to time the market , I do believe that adjusting the % based on market conditions is warranted. Personally, I think this is not the time to be 100% stocks.

The realized price for Exozet was significant higher than you expected and the companies portfolio fits very well in the Corona-digitalization-hype we´re seeing in the valuations at the moment. So maybe they can make some more profitable exits in the next months at high price-levels. What is the difference between you reinvesting a 4% dividend and Buffett investing a 10% cash flow?

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I got ripped off by a bogus broker recently it was difficult to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery solution firm to get my funds back. Unfortunately, I have never looked at mining companies. They looked cheap for some time but i generally do not understand their business model fully.